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The Camp Administrator, as well as coordinators, are teachers with years of camp experience.  Background checks are conducted on every staff member before each camp season.  Staff are trained with C.P.R. for the professional rescuer & R.T.E. with first Aid.

Yes - The New York City Health Department visits us several times during the summer, to ensure that we are in compliance with state regulations.

Our counselors are predominantly college students and teachers.  Most of our counselors are either former campers or people who have excellent credentials with previous summer camp experience.  Senior Counselors start at 18 years of age.  Leaders in Training are selected from former counselors at age 16.

Blue Dolphin Summer Camp has people on staff that are trained and certified with CPR for the Professional Rescuer, R.T.E. (Responding to Emergencies) & First Aid.

Two ways:
1. Campers are dropped off by their parents.
2. Campers that use the bus service, are driven by professional drivers from BB'S Bus Transportation Company.

A deposit is required when you are registering your child.   The balance is then broken up in to a payment schedule, which is dated before your child's last two weeks of camp.

Cash, Visa, Master Card, Money Orders, Checks, Certified Checks are accepted.

What should my child wear?
1. Campers must wear their camp t-shirts every day.
2. Campers should wear sneakers, not sandals or flip flops. During sprinkler activities only water shoes can be used.
3. Campers should wear shorts, jogging pants or Jeans.

1. Campers bring bathing suit and a towel.
2. Boys must wear swimming trunks. Girls must wear a one-piece bathing suit.  Two-piece bathing suits are not permitted.
3. T-Shirts can not be worn in the pool.

All groups will be engaged in a broad-based curriculum that appeals to a wide range of interests. Trailblazers and Pioneers swim twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays (Transformers will engage in sprinkler activities each day). A strong mix of athletics, fine and performing arts, adventure activities and Special Events are planned on a daily/weekly basis. We pay careful attention to issues like heat/hydration, attention span, stamina etc. We employ an age-appropriate approach that considers length of periods, type of equipment and size of fields/courts. We offer a balanced menu of camp activities for maximum variety and FUN!

A minimum of two weeks is required. Camp operates for a total of 8 weeks.

Yes, It is required by Department of Health code that all campers at every summer camp program in New York City have a physical exam completed and on file prior to starting camp.  Each camper will receive a physical exam form by the camp to be completed by the doctor.  No camper will be permitted to be in camp without their medical form with all parts completely filled out, stamped by the doctor and current for the dates that your child attends camp.

If there is an emergency during the day Call the Main camp number at (718) 847-6470 and we'll get back to you ASAP.   Campers are not permitted to carry cell phones at camp, they will be confiscated and will not be returned until a parent comes in to pick it up.

Yes - Please present your tax preparer with your bill which will have all of your information when filing your tax return.

Most of our campers come from Glendale, Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Ridgewood, Flushing, Jamaica, Hollis Hills, Hollis, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach, Corona, Briarwood, Oakland Gardens, Middle Village. However, we also pick up in Forest Hills, Glendale, Ridgewood, Ozone Park, Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens, Howard Beach, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven.

Forest Hills zip code: 11375
Howard Beach zip code: 11414
Kew Gardens zip code: 11415
Ozone Park zip code: 11416, 11417
Richmond Hill zip code: 11418
South Richmond Hill zip code: 11419
South Ozone Park zip code: 11420
Woodhaven zip code: 11421
Fresh Meadows zip code 11365
Fresh Meadows zip code: 11366
Flushing Zip Code: 11367
Jamaica Zip Code: 11432
Hollis Zip Code: 11423
Hollis Hills Zip Code: 11427

While our summer camp staff will encourage your child to be active and participate in sports activities, there are always choices. You child may choose to participate in activities such as Arts and Crafts, Air Hockey, Karaokee, Talent Show, Nature Walks and much more.

Campers that attend our summer campers are from ages 3 to 15 years of age.

Not all campers begin summer camp at the beginning of the summer. Many campers start at different weeks throughout the summer. Our summer camp staff is aware of this and are trained to make all children feel like part of the group regardless of when they begin.

How to get clean ! The Color Run
Cleaning Up
You’ll want your memories of The Color Run to stay with you forever. But if you want the color to wash out of your hair and skin ASAP, here are a few tips...
Before the Color Run
·         Oiling your hair well on race morning will make it easier to wash out the color later.  Coconut oil or olive oil work best. A good leave in conditioner will do the trick as well. This is a particularly useful tip for runners with light colored or highlighted hair.
·         Some runners wear a thick scarf or bandana to cover their hair. Others use the bandana to cover their mouth as they run through the color zones or to help wash off after. However you choose to use it, a bandana or scarf is pretty useful at The Color Run.
·         Wear a good sunscreen and lip balm.
·         We suggest some form of Color Run eyewear. Some people wear sunglasses or swim goggles.
·         Have some fun with it and try to avoid getting a lot of powder in your eyes.
·         Though the color will eventually wash out of just about everything, you may not want to wear your $500 running shoes... Or your white suede pants.
After the color Run
·         You just ran the craziest 3k of your life! Congratulations. You deserve a nap. But not quite yet. Take a few minutes to clean up or color might end up all over your house!
·         Dust off as much dry powder as you can before you apply any water. Most of the color will evaporate like magical fairy dust.
·         Cleaning your hair: Dust any loose powder out of your hair. Rinse out the oil/conditioner you wisely applied before the race with cold water. Most of the color should come right out. Now wash your hair as you normally would. It is not uncommon for hints of some of the color, pink and purple particularly, to stick around for a few washes. Wear it like a badge of honor. Or wear a hat.
·         The color is probably not coming all the way out of your white cotton shirt. You should be proud of that. But just about everything else should clean up fine. Remove all excess powder before adding water. Wash your Color Run gear separately, with COLD water. Oxiclean, or a similar product, will work wonders on your running equipment. Every so often you may look down a see a little trace of pink on your shoe and smile. It’ll remind you that we love you. Eventually, it’ll all be gone.
Until next year... you beautiful Color Runner.

Parents begin dropping of their campers from 7:00- 8:50.  Buses begin to arrive at 8:50 a.m. The camp daily activity schedule begins at 9:00 a.m. Our daily schedule concludes at 3:45 p.m. with dismissal at 4:00 p.m. Our 1/2 Day program for 3 -5 year olds ends/dismisses at 12:30 p.m. each day.  Parents begin picking their children up from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.  Bus leave camp to drop off campers from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

If your child cannot attend camp, please call the bus company and the camp office as soon as possible.

On your child's first day of camp, they will receive their camp shirt & bag. Additional shirts and bags may be purchased at the Camp Office.