With a knot in my throat and some tears in our eyes.

I have no words to describe how amazing baby deans experience was with you guys this summer. It was his first year and he is so excited for the next already. He doesn’t want to stop going to you guys. He wakes up every morning with no hesitation and with the biggest smile on his face. He loves his counselors Mr. Sammy, Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Chris, Mr. Danny, Mr. Jay and I'm sure I missed a few

he mentions daily. (He’s a boys boy haha, so ladies don’t get sad haha he loves you guys too! Thank you alllllllll) Dean attended school for almost 2 years and his experience was no where close to the experience you guys gave him. It actually breaks my heart that today is his last day! From the bottom of our hearts Thank You guys so much for this summer and we will see you guys again next summer !!!!



I Love this Camp!!


Blue Dolphin Summer Staff.  You really made a difference!  We really enjoyed the camp.  We had a lot of fun.  See you next year.  Perez family.

Perez family

Thanks for a great summer, from the Puente's Jillian & Nicholas.

Mrs. Puente

Dear Chris & Staff,
Thanks so much for filling Calvin's summer with fun, laughter and so many memories.  With warm regards, S. Noble

S. Noble

Chris & Dana,

    I want to thank you for making Anissa's camp experience a positive and enjoyable one.  Last year, we enrolled her in another camp. The (not knowing about Blue Dolphin) and she didn't do well.  Surprisingly, she adjusted to camp quickly this summer and even told me she "loves" camp. You really did an exceptional job.  Thank you!!

Anissa's Mom

My son started at Blue Dolphin 3 years ago and at the time he was coming out of a really bad school situation. He was a wounded little boy at the hands of careless teachers. Then Mr. Chris came into his life and started the healing process by respecting him, giving him value and teaching him he was worth it. So while this is called a summer camp, it is soooo much more than that. Thank you Chris, because Michael has received so much more than just fun. Thank you for being a valuable part of these children's lives and for partnering with us. You are making a difference! Looking forward to next year!!
Mrs. Torres

Mrs. Torres

Thanks for making my son Angelo's first year with you guys a great and memorable one...He can't wait to come again next year...Good job done.
Mrs. Ermendi

Mrs. Ermendi

Dear Chris & Blue Dolphin staff,

 Thank you very much for a stimulating  "action-packed" two weeks!  Alex had fun and enjoyed it very much - It proved to be a great experience this summer!  Sincerely Alex and the Miraglia family

Alex and the Miraglia family

Thank you for taking care of Natalia & Oliver.  Anna & Maciel Zawadzki

Anna & Maciel Zawadzki

Thank you for making Aryssa's 1st Summer Camp amazing.  She had an awesome time and your counselors were absolutely incredible.  See you next summer.  Thank you again.  The Minier family.

The Minier family

You cannot place a monetary amount in these counselors. They are so wonderful and kind and caring. I am so grateful my kids get to spend the summer at Blue Dolphin. All of you do a phenomenal job!

 Graziano Family

Graziano Family

Dear Blue Dolphin Staff,

Thank you for giving Jayden a wonderful summer.  Looking forward to being with you next year.

Cruz family

Cruz family

Dear Blue Dolphin,

      I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff once again for a job well done. This will be my daughter's third summer at the Blue Dolphin and like most parents we are nervous and scared when they start camp but you and your staff made it possible for me to relax and trust that you have made your priority for my daughter's safety FIRST and with that came loads of fun!

I can't say enough about your camp and have and will continue to praise your summer program.  Thank you for trying your best to keep your costs down and I know it's hard in this economy.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to seeing you next year.

Camille T

Camille T

Dear Counselors,
 I appreciate your giving Rachel something to do over the summer.  You took good care of her and she really enjoyed being there.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Yours truly, C. Casaceli.

C. Casaceli

Thanks so much.  A simple act of kindness has a beauty all its own.  Thank you for your kindness.  Thank you to all the Blue Dolphin Team for the guidance and kindness you've given to Dylan and Brnadon.  Annette Ramjit

Annette Ramjit

Thank you Transformer Camp counselors for making camp such an amazing experience for Riley.  This is the second she has attended Blue Dolphin Summer Day Camp.  Riley has shown tremendous growth.  Thank you so much for everything.

Riley's mom

To the Blue Dolphin staff, I am sending you a Ginormous thanks for giving a great summer experience.  Sophia


When I stop to count my blessings you're always on my list.  What an amazing find.  Who knew that a Google search could result in a fun two weeks.  Thank you for keeping our child safe and entertained.  He never wanted to leave.  We wish you all well.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Sincerely,  The Pierre Louis Family

The Pierre Louis Family

It takes a special group of people to engage, involve & evolve a giant group of kids - and even for a whole summer!.  Ava loves coming here and that's so important to both of us.  Thank you for all of the fun memories you make every single day.  It means the world to our family!  Love the Beasley family.

Leslie Beasley