How Summer Camp Encourages Social Responsibility

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As winter turns to spring and new life appears all around us, it is the time to consider your child’s understanding of themselves as part of the world. What contributions will your child make towards creating a better place on earth?


Social responsibility is something parents have little time to teach their children. You hope that you set a good example that they can learn from, but parents rarely take the time to explain the responsibility we have as humans to the world around us.

Summer Camp & Social Responsibility

Summer camp provides those lessons everyday. Campers are taught that each day as they participate and do their part in activities. While at activities, campers are taught to take care of the equipment so that others may have the opportunity to use it. At arts & crafts, cooking, or woodworking they learn to share. Hiking and exploring nature teaches campers to leave only footsteps and take only pictures.

Even though teaching social responsibility may not be a focus in your daily life at home, it is one of the most important lessons taught while at summer camp. It allows campers to be part of something larger than just themselves, and that is priceless.

Some other ways summer camp teaches social responsibility

* Flexibility – Kids learn how to take care of themselves and others. Now is the time that they are learning how to manage their newfound independence while also coexisting with other campers.
* Leadership – Teens who have been attending camp for years are on their way to becoming camp counselors. They’re often looked up to by younger campers and take on a leadership role.
* Emotional responsibility – At summer camp, kids and teens are introduced to new and sometimes intimidating activities such as rock climbing, ziplines and high ropes courses.  Children learn how to support one another and provide comfort when they notice others getting scared.
Join Us at Blue Dolphin Summer Camp

We have been providing kids and teens with nurturing and exciting summers. While we have camp counselors assisting kids with their day-to-day routine, campers always learn a thing or two about social responsibility. We seem many kids tidying up their activity areas at camp to make way for their fellow camp groups. There’s truly a tremendous amount of self growth at camp.
Activities offered at our summer camp include
* Lacrosse
* Tennis
* Volleyball
* Soccer
* Hockey
* Volleyball
* Gaga
* Dance
* Glow Parties
* & much more
At Blue Dolphin, we’re all about having fun while staying safe and encouraging kids to break out of their shells so they can become more confident.