Pioneers 12-15 Age group

Pioneers Age 12-15
Our Pioneer program for ages 12-15 year olds, has grown each year with a carefully selected experienced staff on hand.  Teen campers will travel to various sites in the Tri-State area.  Ny Liberty game, Yankee Games, New Roc City, Miniature golf, lazer tag, fishing, anusement parks and much more.

Blue Dolphin Summer Camp in Queens NY Teen program has been carefully structured to meet the needs of our growing teens.  Campers will travel to various sites in the Tri-State area. such as  Ny Liberty game, Yankee Games, comedy shows, New Roc City Go Karts, Miniature golf, lazer tag and much more. 
We are the leading teen adventure camp for young adults today because of how well we achieve our three primary goals.

First, by providing our campers with the skills for a lifetime of safely enjoying activities outdoors; second, by offering them a fun outdoor experience relevant to thier life beyond the outdoors by instilling in you self-confidence, self-reliance and lasting group leadership skills; and third, by teaching your child how to be responsible through leadership and mentoring other campers for future generations to come.

Our campers in the Pioneer program were the very first to start our new Learn to DJ program.  We offer a unique and exciting experience with our Blue Crew Dj's , teaching our campers about DJ history, Basic music theory & song structure Ins & outs of equipment (turntables, mixers, speakers, etc.) Basic scratching & timing Basic mixing Exposure to new technology (Serato Live, Traktor Scratch Pro, CDJs, and mixing consoles).  They do this while learning on the best equipment like the Mix Track Pro II's & Numark NS7's.  When our Pioneers graduate, they are then able to DJ at our Pajama Parties, Foam parties, and Carnivals at camp.