Skills learned at camp prepare children for school

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Now that the holidays are over, and families have settled in to a new semester, it’s a good time for parents to reflect on their child’s growth and development during this school year. Parents of children who attended a great summer camp last year will notice that skills learned over the summer are reflected in their child’s school performance: Camp becomes a bridge between school grade levels, keeping children on the path to success.

       One of the ways a summer spent at camp prepares children for the school year is by supporting their independence. For some younger children, a day at camp marks the first experience they have away from their parents. A safe, nurturing experience provided by a mature and well-trained staff guides younger campers as they learn to dress themselves, take care of their belongings and try new activities. Older campers experience greater independence as they choose activities based on their interests and learn to advocate for their needs. These experiences build self-confidence as campers learn that they can be self-reliant in many areas of their lives.
      Camp also prepares children by teaching important social skills needed to make friends, work within a group and communicate with adults. If conflicts arise, children at camp learn how to communicate for healthy and meaningful resolution. As part of a camp group, children learn to cooperate and support one another. They learn teamwork through spirited activities like color wars and sports leagues. Children also learn to communicate with adults outside of their family circles. This is extremely important in building a foundation where children feel comfortable speaking up for themselves and asking questions in the classroom.
      In addition to independence and social skills, campers demonstrate a greater level of resiliency. Through encountering new experiences and taking safe-risks, children learn to stretch out of their comfort zones.

     The lessons learned from a summer spent at camp lay a strong foundation for a successful future. The right camp teaches children to do their best, work together, support their friends and to keep doing their best even when challenges arise. Campers learn to work together as a team and be kind to each other. This attitude combined with the wholesome nurturing of a loving staff is the essence of a great camp.