How to register

You may register at any of the Open Houses.  Please click here to check the Open House Schedule


Register Online

Blue Dolphin Summer Camp has established an online enrollent process.  You may use our Online Registration Portal to register your child

Your registration form must be fully completed and include the following information in order to be processed

1. Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $50 per family, is required with all applications.

2. Camp Deposit of two weeks camp fee.

3. Mail payment to - P.O. Box 864056 Ridgewood NY 11386

3. All campers are required to have a Medical Form on file by June 1st.

You may scan your medical forms into your campintouch account, or Fax in your medical forms to (877) 545-3504


Refund Policy

All campers must register for a minimum enrollment of 2 weeks.  Full refunds are available before June 1st, with the exception of the the Non Refundable registration fee.  No refunds will be issued after June 14th, 2018


Morning and evening bus pick up is available in most areas of Queens.  Each bus will have a camp counselor on board at all times.  BB's Bus transportation, yellow school buses are used during camp trip, as well as pick up and drop offs.

Morning and evening drop off must be at the same location.  Morning and Evening bus service is determined by the transportation provider, based on distance from the camp facility.  Families enrolled for bus service will be contacted prior to the beginning of the campers week.  Bus service is door to door wherever possible.  If door to door service is unavailable, such as a dead end street or where construction is ongoing, another location will be chosen and those families will be notified.

Bus service is available to Transformers half day campers for pickup in the morning only.  No 12:00pm off is available.

All campers must be in front of their houses twenty minutes before and after their scheduled pickup or drop off time.  If the bus does not pick up your camper within the time period, notify the camp.  However, if your camper is not ready at this time, the bus will not wait and you will have to get your child to camp.

All buses leave the camp approximately 4:00pm and should reach you before 6:00pm.  Buses start to pickup at 7:00am and continue until 9:00am.

If you require a change in bus service, we require this in writing to the camp 7 days before the change.  In the event you do not want your child to be dropped off on a particular day we must receive that in writing in the office.

Please note bus operators and counselors do not ring bells or beep horns.

 Bus service is available for the following zip codes

 11374  11375 11415  

 Bus Stops Locations





Stop & Shop (Myrtle Ave. & Cypress Hills St.)





McDonalds (Cooper & Myrtle Ave.)




 Waldbaums (Lindenwood 153 Ave. & 83st.)


Bus Rates

$25 Bus Stop

$65 per week Roundtrip

$50 per week One way service (P/U only or D/O only)