What is Gaga (Israeli Dodge-ball)?

Gaga is an exciting version of dodge-ball that requires players to hit the ball with their hand or fist (rather than catching & throwing) below the waist of other players.

Although you can play anywhere, the official version requires a "pit" in for containing game play, as well as allowing wall shots.  Guess who has one...?  Last summer we built our very first Gaga Pit and our campers couldn't play enough gaga... they loved it!

In gaga, players lob the ball underhand, trying to hit one another below the knees (or below the waist, depending on where you’re playing) to eliminate their opponents from the court. If the ball goes over the wall, or if it is caught before bouncing, the person who launched it is out of the game.



All campers in Trailblazers and Pioneers skill level and abilities are all evaluated prior to being allowed to swim in the water with their swim partner.  they are given a color coded bracelet and then put into designated swim groups in the pool with a partner,  Every ten to fifteen minutes they all come out of the water for a buddy check.


Campers learn ball handling, shooting techniques, lay ups, and team play. Lessons to enhance skill levels are followed by friendly competitions. Blue Dolphin Camper's work to improving their basketball skills using our Skilltastics program.


Campers at Blue Dolphin learn to master specific skills and work together in all levels of the various field sports such as soccer, Basketball, and volleyball. Campers learn proper stretching methods and participate in friendly inter-camp competitions. All participants learn valuable sportsmanship and teamwork skills. At the same time, campers come to realize that competition is not the only aspect of sports.